Refill a Prescription

RefillRx allows you to refill your prescription online in two ways

  1. Login and creat an account on (see below for how to register)
  2. Use the RefillRx Mobile app


  1. Go to the registration page by following this link: RefillRx Registration
  2. Enter both the zip code of the pharmacy and the last four digits of the phone number in the appropriate boxes and click the “Search for Pharmacy” button.
    • Andover: 55304 and 1901
    • Anoka: 55303 and 5540
    • Blaine: 55434 and 0222
    • Elk River: 55330 and 0764
    • Fridley: 55432 and 0222
    • St. Francis: 55070 and 0222
  3. When the pharmacy you want appears click on the “Select Pharmacy” button.
  4. Now you can either use your old RefillRx ID number or enter some information about yourself and a prescription number and the website will create a new account for you.
  5. Once it finds you in the system it will ask you to create an user name and password. You are also asked to provide an email address in case you lose your password and need to recover it.
  6. Now you can access online refills.

Navigating the Site

To navigate the RefillRx site there are six buttons along the top of the site. The most important button is the one labeled “Pharmacies.” If you get lost click this button and it will bring your list of pharmacies. Here you can either access the particular pharmacy where you need a refill or add more pharmacies to your account. You can add up to five different pharmacies.

To add another pharmacy just enter both the zip code and last four digits of the pharmacy phone number and click search. When it finds the pharmacy you can either use your old RefillRx ID number or enter some information about yourself and a prescription number to locate you information and add the new pharmacy to your existing RefillRX account.

About RefillRX

Goodrich Pharmacy utilizes an online refill system called RefillRx. Once you have an account you will have access to the following features:

  • View your current presciptions
  • View the status of your medications (refillable, not-refillable, etc.)
  • Have a reminder e-mail sent when a prescription is due for refill
  • View store hours, advertising specials, supported insurance plans, etc.
  • Learn the status of requested refills

Browser Issues

Unlike the old RefillRx site, the new site allows you to use the web browser of your choice, you are not limited to just Internet Explorer on a computer — it also works with mobile devices.

Security Concerns and HIPAA

When you use RefillRx online all of your information is transferred over an encrypted connection.