Medication Disposal Resources

Water quality research has shown the pharmaceuticals that save and improve our lives now also enter into our water supply. Water treatment facilities are only designed to remove the biological contaminants. Although we cannot stop the flow of medications that leave our body as waste, we can avoid flushing unused medications down the toilet.

Goodrich Pharmacy and the St Francis Police Department offer disposal opportunities during scheduled events several times a year, often coordinated with city clean-up events. Due to federal laws we are unable to accept unwanted medications at all other times. For patients wanting to dispose of medications at other times we suggest MPCA’s excellent fact sheet on safe medication disposal. Minnesota suggests stricter guidelines than the DEA, and is opposed to flushing any medications. Medications can be altered to avoid potential diversion and use by following their guidelines. See the link provided below.

The Minnesota Pharmacist Foundation sponsored AwareRX program offers a way for patients and pharmacists to get involved and informed about medication misuse, abuse, and disposal. Goodrich Pharmacy supports the AwareRX campaign through volunteering and participating in events to promote the safe use of medications. Several of our pharmacists are available to provide the AwareRX training for local groups and schools upon request. Please explore their site and get aware!

Holding medication take back events takes time and information to ensure all state and federal rules are followed. If your pharmacy is interested in providing this service we welcome inquiries, and are willing to share our knowledge to expand this valuable service. We have provided the link to NERC’s handbook that we found was very helpful. For additional information and resources when holding events in Minnesota, please contact Michelle Johnson in our St Francis location.