Getting a yearly Flu shot and other recommended immunizations will help you and your family stay healthy. Many of Goodrich’s pharmacists have completed certification programs to provide immunizations. They must also stay current with CPR certification and handling allergic reactions. Our St. Francis location is allowed to use the Mark of Excellence from the Minnesota Department of Health, acknowledgement that we follow best practices for storage and administration of vaccine.

We can provide influenza vaccination for your family members ages 6 and older starting in late fall. We offer flu clinics on a first come, first serve basis, or by appointment and walk ins from early October through March during influenza season. Current Minnesota law also allows pharmacists to administer all adult vaccinations, including tetanus and pneumococcal vaccinations for patients 13 years of age and older. We offer adult immunizations by appointment year round.

We provide you or your clinic with all the information needed to add your personal immunizations to your medical record. We can bill most Medicare plans, and many private health insurances with a copay or no cost to you. In about the same time it takes to pick up a prescription, you can get your next immunization.

Some tips for getting vaccinations include: wear a short sleeve shirt, make an appointment to lessen your wait time if you plan to come in over a lunch hour during flu season, bring your insurance card, and plan to spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the store after the shot, ensuring you do not have a rare, but possible dangerous allergic reaction.

The best way to treat childhood diseases such as mumps, polio and pertussis (whooping cough) is to prevent them with vaccination. Routine well child checks at your clinic will ensure your family receives all the recommended childhood vaccinations. Minnesota children without healthcare coverage may qualify for free vaccinations, and your clinic or pharmacy can help determine elegibility.

Although we have not seen major outbreaks in years with many childhood diseases, vaccination of a majority of the population is still necessary to protect everyone (often called the herd effect). In recent years we have seen a return of diseases such as whooping cough. An ounce of prevention can save the heartache of illness or the loss of a child. Our pharmacists are great resources if you have any questions or concerns about vaccination for yourself or your family.