Employer Services

Through Health and Wellness clinics, a pharmacist will provide employee focused consultative services. The personalized regularly scheduled visits provide ongoing evaluation, education, and guidance toward achieving personal health goals. This individualized approach increases the chances that employees will achieve sustained success toward healthier lifestyles.

Health and wellness clinics are designed to provide continued care by a clinical pharmacist and empower them with resources to help them take control of their health. Through different screening opportunities, health and wellness clinics provide support to improve health habits such as smoking, diet, and exercise.

Medication review services are also offered. These services allow employees to meet with a clinical pharmacist one-on-one to discuss their health and medications, going beyond traditional pharmacist counseling by working closely with the employee, their doctors, and family to understand and address any issues or concerns. A medication review can help a patient understand their medications, answer questions, make sure there are no drug interactions or side effects, determine if there are any less expensive medication alternatives, simplify their medication regimen and monitor medical conditions. Employees will be seen for additional follow-up visits to ensure they are meeting their drug therapy needs and to address any new issues.

Together these services result in increased overall savings in healthcare cost, increased work morale, and more alert and productive employees, while decreasing employee sick days, including reductions in medical care and workers compensation claims, absenteeism, and presenteesism. These services are available at all six Goodrich Pharmacy locations, or on site at your place of employment! If you wish to receive additional information please contact Allison Close, Pharm.D.

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